Emily Ratajkowski’s latest flex? Divorce rings <a href=>обменник криптовалют</a> Diamonds are forever – especially for Emily Ratajkowski, who has chosen to turn her engagement ring into something entirely new following her split from her film producer husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. With the help of Alison Chemla, creative director of jewelry brand Alison Lou, Ratajkowski worked to remake her old engagement ring, which featured a pear-shaped and a princess-cut diamond, into two separate rings. “The rings represent my own personal evolution,” the model told Vogue. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man.” Now, the pear-shaped diamond sits on Ratajkowski’s pinkie finger, while the princess cut has been flanked by more trapezoid stones and turned into a new sparkler. Ratajkowski went on to explain that she got the idea after reading Stephanie Danler’s story “The Unravelers” in The Paris Review.


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